Surviving lockdown 3.0


It’s impossible to escape the travesty of the relentless virus that has caused a global pandemic, killing thousands in it’s wake.

No matter where we turn, we’re constantly reminded of the severe impact of Covid-19; news reports, social media memes, social distancing posters, lockdown measures and face-masks galore.

We’re reminded of death rates, R rates, deadlier strands and the dramatic burden upon the NHS. We’re told to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. We’ve watched in disbelief as people have panic shopped, shielded and missed loves ones.

We’ve seen shops close, businesses go bust, countries close their boarders and economies come to a grinding halt.

In this new world, where a hug is invaluable and a trip to the supermarket is a weekly treat, how do we stay sane?

Here’s a quick fire guide for a healthier Lockdown 3.0. It’s by no means a cure- but adding one of these into your routine each day will work wonders:

I like to move it, move it

Nothing is better for the mind, body and soul than exercise and fresh air, It’s scientifically proven that exercise releases happy chemicals into the body, improves energy levels and reduces both anxiety and depression.

My advice? Take advantage of your 1-hour exercise window and get moving. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout or marathon run (although this totally works), it can be a simple walk, a short yoga vide, PE with Joe Wicks or a wild dance around your living room.

I’ve been back in my home gym 4-days a week and aiming to achieve 10,000 steps a day, and it has made me feel so much more energetic. On days where Aurora-Vogue is slightly more clingy, we blast a Disney playlist on Alexa and, well, the living room is my dance floor.

Don’t over think it, just move it!

And breathe

The first thing we do when we’re born is breathe. And we do it every day of our lives. In fact we do it so often we take it for granted.

Did you know that mindful, slow, deep breathing pumps your body full of oxygen and can calm your mood, kill pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve posture, clear your mind and lower your blood pressure.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend ages meditating to feel the benefits. Just 1 minute every 2-3 hours.

Apple watches even have a breathe function which reminds you and coaches you through deep breathing. It couldn’t be simpler.

So no excuses, set your alarm. Clear your mind. And breathe.

Self-caring is self-loving

Pamper package is a must.

Sure there are a bunch of expensive products available, but it’s just as easier to relax and unwind on a budget.

Find 30 minutes for a face mask, hair mask and quick fake tan. Persuade your partner to give you that all important foot massage. Or tune into some whale music and light the incense burners.

Whatever your pampers potion may be- do it.

I personally opt for a fave mask, hot bubble bath and layer of tan, and I feel catwalk ready!!

Fantasise & indulge

We all know how to fantasise. Remember back when you were yay high and dreaming of becoming a mermaid, owning a private jet or finding out your real parents are really the King and Queen of a secret kingdom?

No? Just me?!

Okay, either way, now is the time to daydream.

Make a list of all the things you’re going to do when lockdown is lifted. Who will you go for cocktails with? Where will your first holiday be? And which restaurant will you book a VIP table for?

It’s basically a wish list of the great things you’ll do post lockdown. After all, Walt Disney once said “if you can dream it you can do it” (unless your dream is to be a mermaid- cheers Walt!)

Stay connected

The one great thing about a pandemic in 2020 is the incredible amount of technology available to help you remain connected to loved ones. WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, the list goes on.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a call with nothing to say. From bingo to themed cocktail evenings and escape rooms to dance offs, there’s something for everyone and ideas aplenty to keep calls cool. Here’s a bunch of ideas, with loads more available on the web.

Be the best version of you

We’ve forever longed for time to reflect and invest in ourselves.

Whether you’re working, on Furlough or spending lots of time at home and alone, now is your chance to develop you.

What’s the one skill you’ve been longing to learn? Or maybe there’s a job you want to apply for but haven’t found the time?

In lockdown 1.0 I learnt how to bake bread, in lockdown 2.0 I set up my blog and social media, and by lockdown 3.0 I was attempting motherhood and preparing to start a new business.

Whatever it is, big or small – develop you. Enrich your own life and make sure that when you emerge from the other side of Covid you’ll be living your best life.

Netflix and chill

Okay, if all else fails, you can Netflix and chill. And it doesn’t have to be Netflix.

You can Prime Video, Catch Up or Disney +. Pick your poison and binge away. There are very few times in life that this would be accepted (aside from when nursing a hell of a hangover or if you’ve been dumped!)

Bonus points if you’re Netflixing in pjs while eating popcorn, ice cream or a gin float!

We hope this is enriching- and please- if you’ve found a secret solution to lockdown survival, let us know in the comments below x

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