Feed Me. I'm Pregnant.

Feed me. I’m pregnant.

According to the experts at Cambridge Dictionary, a craving is a ‘strong feeling of wanting for something.’ Turns out this is another pregnancy perk which kicks in as a result of hormones, changes to how we smell, and our bodies desire for growth nutrients for our beloved babies… Lucky us!

While I’ve heard many tales of weird and wonderful cravings throughout pregnancy, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who who want to know ‘any strange cravings?’

In my mind I want to tell them about my cravings to bathe in a tub of champagne, to lie on my front just one more time or squeeze into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans without a waist expander (yes, this is an actual thing)… but I couldn’t possibly say something that shallow – could I?

While the majority of cravings sound perfectly normal; chocolate, fruit and ice-cream, one thing I’ve learnt is that people love to share the bad bits of pregnancy. As a result I’ve listened feigned amusement as enthusiastic friends and relatives share horror stories of the ladies who craved freshly cut grass sandwiches, had overwhelming desires to lick lumps of coal and those who craved the scent of chewing tobacco or petrol.

This is usually finished up with ‘but you’ve got to eat whatever the baby craves… just don’t think of the weight gain!’

Double. Ouch.

Thankfully, my pregnancy cravings have been relatively ‘normal’:

First Trimester Cravings:

My first trimester was a slight shock. Pre-pregnancy I gym-med six times per week, ate two shakes and one very balanced meal per day. Roll on trimester one and I soon learn, following an unfortunate incident with a tuna sandwich, the need to opt for the ‘yellow food’ diet.

Bland. Colourless. And most important of all: Odourless.

Thankfully most fast food chains were closed as much of my pregnancy was in lockdown. However, I filled my stomach with chicken nuggets, hash browns, french fries and salted crackers. This need for savoury over sweet was, according to Old Wives, was a certain sign that I was having a boy.

Second Trimester Cravings:

By my second trimester my taste buds had transitioned into the ‘rebel’ phase. Basically, they wanted anything I wasn’t allowed to have; Liver, Soft Cheese, Red meats, Sushi and Cocktails (mainly gin based!) Thankfully this only lasted a few weeks before these cravings stabilised into something slightly more manageable, which seemed to last for the duration of my third trimester too.

I soon found myself reliant upon a fresh glass of milk upon waking, at least one can of Diet Coke per day, and as much mango as I could get my hands on.

I noticed that my aversions stayed pretty consistent throughout pregnancy too, with my arch-enemies becoming coffee, tea and sugary foods. Such a shame given my borderline coffee addiction pre-pregnancy!

With little over a week left, I’ve packed a bottle of Prosecco into my hospital bag, and can’t wait to go on an immense foodie spree as soon as they release me from hospital!

Did you have a any weird and wonderful pregnancy cravings, and did your pregnancy diet impact the foods that your little one loved to eat?

Loadsalove, jess x

P.s Why are you telling me this?
I loved hearing about cravings during pregnancy and often wondered whether mine were common cravings. I was also really keen to find out whether the baby would like the foods that I craved the most when she arrived. I’m still counting down the days for that beloved Sushi and Champagne plate post pregnancy.

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